What is Green Jumper Day?

Every year, in winter, we want to increase awareness of, and take action against, climate change but in a personal way.

We’re asking everyone in the UK to turn down the heating, put on a jumper and save money.  Make it fun! 

At home or at work, start with a climate-lunch-club.  Share recipes! Make your plates beautiful and send your pics to us. Dream together! 

What’s going to be great about our low-carbon future?  Send the ideas and stories you tell each other over lunch to our partners Create the Future. 

Let’s make the news!  Cause a dip in our national energy usage every Green Jumper Day.

Together we can dream and prove what’s possible!

Who’s behind Green Jumper?

Inspired to stop climate change, the team behind Green Jumper and Green Jumper Day, are dedicated making a real difference, and leaving the planet better than they found it.

With degrees in Climate Change, Business, and the Arts, Millie, Alec and Sarah are all dedicated to saving the Earth, and with skills in Finance, Sustainability, Sales and Operations they have the skills and dedication to make it happen.

What is Green Jumper?

Green Jumper is the not for profits organisation that hosts Green Jumper Day.

Our mission is to raise money to enable reforestation and to educate our children about climate change.
We want to inspire students to be the future scientists, innovators and sustainable business leaders, so they can help mitigate climate change and save the planet.

Why Green Jumper?

We need to raise awareness about climate change and we need action. We want to ensure future generations don’t inherit a broken eco-system.

Why Green? well that’s the colour associated with the planet. And a Jumper? Well, that’s to keep you warm when on our big day we all turn down the heating.