Why Sustainability?

There are many things that out of balance in the world, wealth and poverty, water abundance and scarcity, food copiousness and starvation. All of these things need addressing, but there is a world problem that everyone needs to be aware of… global warming.

There is growing awareness about the need for sustainability, but we can do more, especially around educating our children. We are not preachers, we want to help educate, with education comes informed change.

About Green Jumper Day

Who’s behind Green Jumper?

Inspired to stop climate change, the team behind Green Jumper and Green Jumper Day, are dedicated to making a real difference, and leaving the planet better than they found it...

What is Green Jumper?

Green Jumper is a registered charity that hosts Green Jumper Day.

Why Green Jumper?

We need to raise awareness about climate change and we need action. We want to ensure future generations don’t inherit a broken eco-system...

What is Green Jumper Day?

Every year, in winter, we want to raise awareness about climate change. We want everyone in the UK to turn down the heating, save money, keep warm in a jumper, and donate to our causes...