Where does your money go?

Books for Children

The books we buy, commission and gift to schools all carry the same message of climate change mitigation and sustainability, told using animation and understandable messages.

Our aim is to give every junior school in the UK a series of books, and to keep them updated as often as possible.

Inspirational Talks for Teens

We are working with Ashley Cooper and Paula Widdowson, two inspiring individuals who will deliver stimulating and motivational talks to teenagers within schools (we will be doing this “virtually”, until we can attend schools again).

Ashley has spent 15 years travelling the globe photographing the impact of climate change on the planet, and his book “Images from a Warming Planet” has received acclaim from the likes of Sir David Attenborough and The Pope.

Paula has spent most of her life in the field of business and sustainability, and is currently a councillor for York City, where she spearheads change.

Our aim is to expand our speaker list and to ensure all students get a chance to hear first hand how their decisions have an impact on the environment.

Newly sprouted plant

Planting Trees

Green Jumper is proud to be working with the WWF and their Plant a Trillion Trees initiative, but if you have a local tree planting initiative, and would like funding, please get in touch.

About Green Jumper Day

Who’s behind Green Jumper?

Inspired to stop climate change, the team behind Green Jumper and Green Jumper Day, are dedicated to making a real difference, and leaving the planet better than they found it...

What is Green Jumper?

Green Jumper is a registered charity that hosts Green Jumper Day.

Why Green Jumper?

We need to raise awareness about climate change and we need action. We want to ensure future generations don’t inherit a broken eco-system...

What is Green Jumper Day?

Every year, in winter, we want to raise awareness about climate change. We want everyone in the UK to turn down the heating, save money, keep warm in a jumper, and donate to our causes...