The 500 Club

 Green Jumper’s 500 Club will be made up of businesses who all share a common goal. Leaving the Earth better than we found it.

Being a member of the 500 Club will give you guaranteed access to our events, conferences and gala dinners, you’ll get discounts from fellow members, and even the occasional freebie.

You can also market your business as a Member of the Green Jumper 500 Club, and associate your brand with ours, which is great for your Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Your Membership will include:

  • Measurement of your carbon footprint (worth £500)*
  • A 10 point plan on how to reduce your carbon footprint (worth £250)
  • A 5 point plan on how to offset the carbon you produce
  • Accreditation for becoming carbon neutral which allows use of the Green Jumper 500 Club logo to promote your involvement and green credentials
  • Regular newsletters from Green Jumper with advice on sustainability
  • £50 voucher to spend at MyGreenPod (worth £50)
  • 25 trees planted or 10 books donated in your name
  • Guaranteed access to Green Jumper Events, Conferences and Gala dinners

All you need to do is donate £500, we’ll send you a Members Pack, and we will include you in our members listing.

Become a member, join today, and shout to the world that you have done so.


About Green Jumper Day

Who’s behind Green Jumper?

Inspired to stop climate change, the team behind Green Jumper and Green Jumper Day, are dedicated to making a real difference, and leaving the planet better than they found it...

What is Green Jumper?

Green Jumper is a registered charity that hosts Green Jumper Day.

Why Green Jumper?

We need to raise awareness about climate change and we need action. We want to ensure future generations don’t inherit a broken eco-system...

What is Green Jumper Day?

Every year, in winter, we want to raise awareness about climate change. We want everyone in the UK to turn down the heating, save money, keep warm in a jumper, and donate to our causes...