Green Jumper Zero Carbon Club


The Green Jumper Zero Carbon Club (GJZCC) is a not for profits organisation set up to help businesses get onto and stay on the sustainability pathway. We were founded by those involved with Green Jumper Day, and any profits will be donated to the Green Jumper charity.

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GJZCC will help SME’s achieve and shout about a sustainable future. It is a Club, something that organisations are proud to be involved with and want to be a part of.

The GJZCC will give all members access to policies, procedures, advice, carbon measurement and monitoring tools. It will, via its website, newsletters, webinars, event attendance, talks, social media, and editorial keep members informed, not only about the big picture of climate change, but about the small changes and innovations that can save money and help mitigate climate change.

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The aim of the GJZCC is to help members:

Drive up

  • Customer trust
  • Standing in their community
  • Ability to attract & keep the best staff
  • Brand positioning compared competition
  • Profits through savings and increased margins and sales
  • Relationships in the supply chain
  • Business efficiency and sustainability

Drive down

  • Energy and Water usage
  • Waste
  • Staff turnover
  • Absence
  • Costs

The GJZCC will measure an organisations Carbon footprint, provide annual reporting on how to reduce carbon emissions and opportunities to offset the element of their footprint where applicable.

Once an organisation has committed to being a member and has had its first report, it will be given the GJZCC logo to use on all communications.

Members can climb the GJZCC ladder by committing to and achieving continuous improvements in reducing carbon emissions, and go from being an Associate member to a Platinum member.

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