Green Jumper Day…


Would your school like to be involved in Green Jumper day? We appreciate not everyone has a green jumper, so you can modify things to suit. All we ask is that turn down the thermostat so children get an awareness of, and association between, burning energy and climate change.


Get involved, turn down the thermostat on Green Jumper Day, ask everyone to wear a jumper (a green one if they have one), collect £1 from all staff and we ask if your business will match it (or beat it!), after all you’ll have made savings on your energy bill. If your business would like to be a Green Jumper Ambassador and sponsor our efforts please get in touch


Run a Play Group, a Book Club, a Bridge Club or anything really ? If so, please get involved. Ask everyone coming to wear a green jumper if possible, turn down the heating and stay warm. Even if you’re staying at home you can turn down your heating for the day, wear a jumper, and donate. click here

Sponsor Us

If you’d like to sponsor Green Jumper and become an ambassadorial brand please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you if your business is as like minded as we are and cares passionately about the planet.

Thank you to our sponsors…